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North of the Himalayas lies the roof of the world, a magical land of clear light and pure color rising more than two miles above sea level Named ” TIBET “.

Tibet lies at the center of Asia, with an area of 2.5 million square kilometers. The earth’s highest mountains, a vast arid plateau and great river valleys make up the physical homeland

of 6 million Tibetans. It has an average altitude of 14,000 feet above sea level.


Tibet is a land of great beauty and mystery. This place is quite fascinating for tourists, mountaineers and explorers.

This beauty land with full mystery is popularly known as the roof of the world.


Capital: Lhasa

Language: Tibetan is an official language of the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China.

Time Zone: 2 hrs 15 min ahead of Nepal

Currency: Renminbi Yuan (CNY)

International Calling Code: +86

National Calendar: The Tibetan calendar is a lunisolar calendar, that is, the Tibetan year is composed of either 12 or 13 lunar months, each beginning and ending with a new moon.

A thirteenth month is added every two or three years, so that an average Tibetan year is equal to the solar year. The Tibetan New Year celebration is called Losar

Saturday is the official weekly holiday

National Motto: “The Motherland Is Worth More than the Kingdom of Heaven.”


National Bird: Tibetan Crane


National Flower: the spectacular Red Rhododendron


Land: 1.288 million sq.km


Geography: Bounded on the north and east by the Central China Plain, on the west by the Kashmir Region of India and on the south by Nepal, India and Bhutan.

Most of Tibet sits atop a geological structure known as the Tibetan Plateau, which includes the Himalaya and many of the highest mountain peaks in the world.


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