Packing before you travel :

Equipments needed depends largely upon where , when and how one is trekking.The main emphasis while trekking on keeping warm and dry while still being light weight. For lower altitude, Fleece Jackets are adequate, while at higher altitude down jackets are advisable. Waterproof, windproof jacket and pants, well broken-in footwear, head covering are also recommended.Good sleeping bags, sunglasses,drinking water bottle, torchlight, Sun block cream,toiletries, First aid kit are other item necessary.

Take Away (to do) lijst Nepal

Passport                                                                                                               E-tickets

Travel insurance and health insurance                                Credit / debit card

duffel bag / flight bag *                                                                     overnight bag *

combination lock *                                                                                         Backpack

sleeping bag (possibly to rent)                                                                    sheet bag

Mattress                                                                              (Cushion and) pillowcase

Mountain shoes *                                                                                          light shoes

socks and stockings                                                                                    underwear

thermic underwear                                                             mountain sports pants

short or ¾ pants                                                                                                   t-shirts

fleece jacket                                                                                                        sweater

down jacket / mountaineering jacket / sturdy windbreaker

poncho *                                                                                                         cap or hat

(bivouac) hat or hood                                                                                sunglasses

gloves                                                                                                               Headlight

(walking sticks)                                                                                                   towels

toilet supplies                                                                                             toilet paper

First aid equipment

sports tape

lip butter


pocket knife

field bottle 1 liter *

Phone , Camera

Tickets Nepal

extra batteries / charging equipment




mountain sports insurance *

valid passport *

send to Himalaya Travel Adventures: copy of passport and visa, 2 passport photos



copy passport and copy visa

list with numbers of passport, insurance, telephone numbers, etc.

                                                      ***** TIPS *****

Money – some extra cash for emergencies, always possible to exchange black. Rupees in small denominations during the trek.

Plung bag – canvas, stronger than a “flight bag”.

Weekend bag – can in the duffel bag on the plane, to leave things behind in Kathmandu.

Number lock – do you lock your duffel bag and your hotel / lodge room; no key required.

Mountain boots – you have on the plane!

Poncho – during monsoon also an umbrella, in September, early October a regular poncho, then a disposable suffice …

Flask – not a plastic bottle, it must be able to be filled with boiling water.

Mountain sports insurance – coverage against accidents and extra medical expenses.

Passport – must be valid for 6 months after return.

Medication, at least:

good painkiller, bandages and bandage,

plasters and biogas, iodine

possibly paracetamol, broad spectrum antibiotics, Imodium, ORS

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